First off, I’m gonna be gone a few days this week for the semi-annual (every two years?) CrossFit HQ Staff Summit in San Diego.  Two days with the 200 other staffers to work on our craft and share some community.  What that does mean is there’s gonna be some new faces in your classes this week!!  Notably EILEEN!!  The Mom’s Class Dynamo turned Kids Coach, turned L1 Certificate Holder and Heir Apparent for all things radical!  I’m a huge fan of Eileens work ethic and her ability to assimilate what we teach in classes into her life and make herself a standout athlete.  She’s also had the distinct luxury of working hard for all her successes, which to my mind translates well into the areas like empathy and coaching because she’s been there, when it was tough and not working well too.  Very stoked to add her to the Crew.  Beyond Eileen, Erika will be coaching some, Steph is coming over from Cashmere to coach some, and Coach Carrie will be smashing souls into submission (her specialty); you guys are so lucky!!

I’ll be back on Thursday with a vengeance to administer the gymnastics practice, and then we’re set for the Open and CLOVIS on Friday!!

Now.  For those of us doing the Dirty Dozen, Clovis is happening Friday.  Stretching out the Open WOD until Monday is a bad idea.  I’m going to be available SUNDAY to do this workout (personally) and to open the gym for a few hours to make it a reality for those who are doing both.  Zac O. and myself are going to ride our bikes to the gym from Lake Stevens (check out the commute) that morning, hope to be at the gym by 9:30 or so.  If you wanna smash the open at 10:00ish that’s freakin’ rad, do it, I’ll be doing it around that time too and will certainly need a counter/friend/confidant.  If that timing sucks, you’ll be doing it Monday morning.  Saturday AM after Clovis sounds like a mistake waiting to happen.


My Brazilian buddy Victor Morris is coming to visit for 3-4 days (gets in Friday 1AM, ugh) before heading south to see more friends. Victor is from Florianopolis (i’m 100% positive I spelled that wrong) which is an island off the coast of Brazil.  Rough life.  He’s young and very fit, and really really a good dude.  Welcome him and show him what’s up with Lynnhood while he’s here 🙂





5 Rounds for Max Reps of:

Bench Press at BW/.75BW



Tuesday: A Lady Hero WOD!

LCF as Rx’d


15-min AMRAP:

20 Overhead Squats (45/33)

20 Back Squats (45/33)

400m Run



Sumo Deadlift High Pull for Max3



Scales + planks, l-sits, handstands, bar muscle-ups


Friday: Open WOD (“Clovis” for the Dirty Dozen)


Saturday: TBD