The trail run was a huge success!  We all made it, we hefted the sandbags, we slid the slides, we got wasted with mud, and all was well!!  Mega money for the kids program out here and much fun had by all!



The before, the after and an example of the muddiness!  I can’t thank you guys enough for making the time, taking the time, and making this year unforgettable!  So many memories, and good times, you all are the best!


Gilligan Recap!


Emily: She who did way more than the ever thought she could!  43,379!

Denise: Solo biker inspirational award 41,300!

Rob: Winner of most Ski Erg Meters 20,656!

Marina: Winner of the least Rowing Meters! (Crushed the first bike though!!!) 44,200!

Steve: Best Strut Around the Track Award 54,923!

Abhi: 1st Person to Run 2 miles during the run section! 49,703!

Leann: Winner of the “Keep Trucking” Award: most consistent! 37,600!

Turcott: Most excited to get the hell out of there! 50,950!

Mike: Best final row motivation and pace setting for Jesse and Most Meters Rowed for Gents! 49,080!

Amy: Best single speed bike performance, mad style points! 38,810

Maher: Tied for “Sir Crampasaurus Rex” and “He who went out waaay too hot” Awards! 45,847!

Ryan: Wins most “Eff this backpack” moments during the event. 47,325!

Chad 1.0: Happiest cyclist award/most congenial! 44,936!

Mansi: “Biggest Engine in the Smallest Package” 40,625!

Eileen: Best running form of the crew!  For real!  48,138!

Rachel: Runner up for freaky consistent performance and Most Meters Rowed for Ladies! 52,046!

Jim: Award for lousiest derailleur! 48,550!

Jon L.: Flat out winner!  5k every 20 minutes on the run! 64,348!!!!!

Lana: Having the most fun, while having the least 🙂 Love ya!  45,090

Jesse: Worst bike choice! 43,943!

Erika, Carrie, V: Most supportive trio!!! 50,657!






LCF as Rx’d

For Time:

8 C&J (135/95)

400m Run

2, 15′ Rope Climbs

400m Run

25 Burpees

***If you get done with Round 1 in less than 6 minutes do a second round, if done in 12, then do a third. Not more than 3!!



25’ Handstand Walking

10 L-Pull-ups

100 Air Squats

3 Rounds For Time



Power Snatch to Hang Squat Snatch for Max



Row 1000m

30 Toes to Bars

Row 750m

20 Toes to bars

Row 500m

10 toes to bar

For Time



400m Run

21 KB Swings

12 Handstand Push-ups

3 Rounds for time



Warm Up with a ladder of push-ups, go by either 1s or 2s.

TEAM Workout:

Buddy 1: 30 Step-ups, 30 Mountain Climbers

Buddy 2: Holds a plank while buddy 1 works, if the plank falls buddy 1 has to stop!

Alternate Rounds, max rounds in 20 minutes