Watch for me on the Games coverage!  Miss you guys, be good to the crew, and when I get back we’ll play with the new YOKES!!!!




7 Rounds each:

5 DB Thrusters (55/35) (No Dropping!!)

7 Pull-ups

100Run to Danger Shack and Back Teams of 3, GO!




7 Deadlifts,

350m Ski,

7 Power Snatches 95/65, find a worthy opponent and face off against them 5 times, rest plenty in between




For Time:

400m Run

15 Burpee Medball Clean Wall Ball Shots 30/20!

400m Run

30 Toes-to-Bars

400m Run

30 Wallball Shots (30/20)

400m Run

30 Ring Dips

400m Run

30 Overhead Medball Lunges (30/20)




3 Rounds w/ a Vest:

700m Run

7 Muscle-ups

70 Air Squats



Bench Press for Max 3



Bent Over Row 5×12,

Strict Pull-ups 5 sets Max Reps,

Legless Rope Climb 5 ascents, or best efforts,

DB Upright Rows 5×15.