Hooray for kids in school!!

CrossFit Classes:
Monday: Tyler Five rounds for time of: 7 Muscle-ups 95 pound Sumo-deadlift high-pull, 21 reps

Tuesday September 11th Never Forget. “Weaver” Four rounds for time of: 10 L-pull-ups 15 Push-ups 15 Chest to bar Pull-ups 15 Push-ups 20 Pull-ups 15 Push-ups

Wednesday: 105 doubles, 75 sit-ups, 45 Handstand Push_ups, 75 sit-ups, 105 doubles

Thursday: 15 back squats 275/185, then do 15 Clean and Jerks with 155/105, then row 1000m – for time

Friday: Hang Squat Snatch for max

Saturday: Trade rounds with a buddy: row 250m do 10 burpee box jump overs, AMRAP 10, into trading rounds of, row 250m do 10 lateral box step overs with DB’s 20/12 in the front rack, AMRAP,10 no rest between

Conjugate Powerlifting:

Wearing a weighted Vest + taking DB’s from hang to clean during the jumping motion 40 jumps
Parallel Box Squat against K: Orange and Red
Leg Press 5×8, go heavy
Strict Reverse Hypers 5 sets
Sled Marching w/ Med Ball 400m
GHD Side Bends w/ Band 5×12/side


Close Grip Duffalo Bar
Max Reps in 3 minutes of cambered bar wide grip K: 3 chains
Elbows Out DB Extensions 3×15
T-Bar Banded against mini bands 5×8
Close Supine Mag Grip Pulldowns 5×8
Single Arm Allen Lift 5×15, use a sizable DB


Wearing a weighted Vest + taking DB’s from hang to clean during the jumping motion
Reverse Hypers 5×12
L-Hang Holds 10 Max Effort Holds
Lying MedBall Between Feet 200x hamstring curls
Do 100-200 of them triceps extensions


Speed Box Squats 12×2 Duffalo Bar: K 135 + 2 chainz Speed Deadlifts Sumo 190 w/ 1″” and micro bands 20 singles
Glute Ham Raises 5 sets
Bandy Side Steps 3 times until really burning
GHD Sit-ups 5×20


Straight Bar 8×3 Bands K: 75 K: Micro band
Band Asisted Dips 4 sets, all out
Decline Elbows Out DB’s 4 sets
GHD DB Rows 6×10
100 Barbell Rows
Lying DB Rotators 3x burning/side