CrossFit Classes:

Monday: 3 Bar Muscle Ups, 1 NET climb, 5 Bottoms up KB Press Right, 5 Bottoms up KB Press Left 53/35

Tuesday: 70/50/30/10 Double Unders, 40/30/20/10 SandBag/Medball Over Shoulder, For Time

Wednesday: Arnie With a single 2 pood kettlebell: 21 Turkish get-ups, Right arm 50 Swings 21 Overhead squats, Left arm 50 Swings 21 Overhead squats, Right arm 50 Swings 21 Turkish get-ups, Left arm

Thursday: Mr. Joshua Five rounds for time of: Run 400 meters 30 Glute-ham sit-ups 250 pound Deadlift, 15 reps

Friday: Bike 500m, Sled down the gym, 25 Push-ups, Drag Races. Every one does at least 3, go hard

Saturday: “Saved by the Barbell” Fundraiser WOD for CrossFit Kids, nasty 3 round workout, you’ll enjoy it thoroughly 🙂 Lets do it at 8 and 9 and then we’ll saddle up for a hike at Robe Valley!  Come join us, it’s easy, fun and worth the trek.  Let’s meet at the gym at 11:30 to head out, carpooling makes it fun, bring friends and family, dogs, etc.  Back to the gym by 5:00pm at the LATEST.


Weightlifting Conjugate:

Monday: Speed Strength Snatch

Deficit Power Snatch 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Straight Bar on Back, Box Squat 10×2 60% + 25% Bands

Safety Squat Bar Goodmorning 10×2 80%

40 Seated Jumps w/ Clean Motion DBs

Hollow Arch 200x

Hanging Knee Raises 4×25, use ankle weights or a ball


Tuesday: Sleds Work Session

3 trips Forwards Hands below knees
3 Trips Backwards hands tight by shoulders
2 trips Sideways attached at the waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs in the Front Rack and dragging sled by waist
2 trips holding two 53# KBs overhead and dragging sled by waist
1 trip Zombie Walking hugging a sandbag
3 trips One Handed Farmers Walk

GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, sledding outside is great now! So keep using the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Max Effort Lower Body

Power Clean for Max

Cambered Bar Front Squat w/chains for Max, chad use 6 chains a side

At Knee CL Pull 5 sets of 3 exertions

Sledge Hammer Sideways 5×30 strikes/side

Single Leg Glute Bridges 100x/side


Friday: Lower Body Accessories

Banded Romanian Deadlift 5×8

Split Squats on Belt Squat, Bar Overhead, Bands on the belt Squat, 5×8 /side

Reverse Hypers Single Legged with Bands 140lbs and 2×1” 3 sets

Zombie Sled Walks 2 trips Holding Sandbag in front

Weighted Planks accumulate 6 minutes, same weight as last time


Saturday: Max Effort Upper Body

Illegal Wide 3 Board w/ 1″ Bands -Straight Bar

Close Grip 5 Board 3×12

Barbell Bent Over Row 5×15

Underhanded Straight 5×12


Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:


40 Seated Jumps Holding DB’s at the shoulders

Goodmorning w/ K: 2chains/side -Safety Squat Bar

Belt Squat 5×6, against bands

Hip and Back Extensions 5 Sets

Freedom Marching 4×75, use bands

One Handed Farmers Walk 3 trips/side



Regular Grip 4 Board

Straight Bar Multigrip 2 Board for 5×5

Underhand Lying DB Extensions 2×25

Seated Cable Row, Supine Close Mag Grip, banded 5×12

Seated Cable Row, Supine Close Mag Grip, banded 5×12

Walking Resist Twist w/ Band 5 sets of 5 exertions



40 Seated Jumps Holding DB’s at the shoulders

Reverse Hypers 5×20

Weighted Planks w/ Belt Accumulate 5 Minutes

Lying Ankle Weights 10 minutes Hammy Curls

Triceps Extensions Do 100-200 of them



SSQ K orange and mini + 145 10×2 Sumo Speed Deads 175 w/ 1″ and micro bands

Banded Hip Extension 5 sets

Seated Bandy Abduction

Cable Pulldown Abs 3×30



Duffalo Bar Straight Weight 7×3 K: 110

Log Bench Press 3 sets

Rear Banded Skull Crusher 3 sets

Landmine Rows 3×25

75 Chest to Bar JPU’s

Shoulder Horn 3x burning/side