Stoked for this.  Here we go!

Monday Power Snatch for max 2

Tuesday 21-15-9 hang Squat Clean 75/55, box jump 24/20

Wednesday: 12 minutes AMRAP of 7 military press 115/75, 7 ring dips, 14 knees to elbows

Thursday  Rankel

Friday: Daniel

Saturday: Closed for powerlifting Meet!!!



Monday: Lower Body Accessories

Sumo Stiff SN DL 5×8

Lateral Step-Up, go weak side for max slow strict reps, then match the strong side, 3 times

Reverse Hypers Angle 270lbs 3 sets

Zombie Sled Walks 2 trips Holding Sandbag in front

Ab Wheel Roll-outs 5x Max Reps, do better


Tuesday: Max Effort Upper Body

Wednesday: Upper Body Accessories

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Clean from 8″ Blocks And 2 jerks 4×2 (4 jerks) 70%, 4×2 (4 jerks) 75%, 4×2 (4 jerks) 80%

Chain SN High Pull 20×1 45% of best clean+25% chain

40 seated Jumps holding 2 MB’s

GHD Facedown Holds accumulate 10 minutes hold something

Rear Delt Flyes Seated 6×20


Saturday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Power Snatch

Heaving Snatch Balance

Isometrics Press top 1/4 3 sets of 5 exertions

KB Shot Puts 5×20 throws

Reverse Hypers 180lbs 5×12


Sunday: Rest


Powerlifting Conjugate:


40 Jumps Wearing Ankle weights and holding DB’s

Close Stance Goodmorning Safety Squat Bar Concentric Only J:12 K:11

Belt Squat 5×6, against bands Split Squats 3×8, lightened method

Reverse Hypers 3×10

Cable Oblique Crunches 3×15/side


Friday: Dynamic Effort Lower Body

Cambered Bar Low Box Normal Stance K: Orange and Mini + 125

Speed Pulls 175 w/ 1″ and micro bands 20 singles

Glute Ham Raises 5 sets

Belt Squat Marching 400 steps, band it up, get serious

GHD Sit-ups 5×20



Duffalo Bar Straight Weight 7×3, K: 105

Push-Ups 3 sets all out

Incline Elbows Out DB’s 3 sets

Banded T-Bar 5×12

100 Barbell Rows 65#

Shoulder Horn 3x burning/side