Hey guys!  It’s that time of year again :). The 5 week smash session starts Thursday night the 22nd!  We’ll be running the workouts Friday all day in classes for anyone registered and for those unregistered as well.  Scaling WILL ALWAYS be in effect, so don’t think that you have to use CrossFit.com’s standard scaling or anything like that if you’re unregistered.

What Changes?

Mostly the adherence to hyper strict range of motion standards.  And the use of Judges throughout the workout.  Counting for yourself is over!  Unless the workout is super long and we can’t run two heats in the 1 hour session, then get after it, and only those that are registered will have Judges to ensure range of motion and proper counting.  Easy day.

How do I register?

Go to games.crossfit.com and it’ll be right there for you to check out.

Do I have to register?

Only if you want to see yourself on CrossFit.com’s leaderboard.  Which is actually pretty cool to see how you stack up against the world at large (albeit a fairly fit cross-section of all CrossFitters) and potentially seek to improve your score from year to year.  Otherwise, nope no need.

I thought about doing a big hullabaloo for it, and I just can’t bring myself to pitch a full fledged intramural shenanigan with shirts, and trophies and scoring, it’s all too pagentish, and high schooley, and I think far too highly of all you wonderful rock stars to peddle some sham like CrossFit Tolo to you.  You’re welcome :). Let’s watch the release, wonder at how fit the elites are, then come in and smash the version of their workout we can do, hard, and then know we’re fitter for it, and enjoy the rest of our day.