Monday: Snatches for time!

Tuesday: Clean and Jerk heavy 🙂   ***TDE: 25 Push-ups***

Wednesday: Deadlifts w/ Burpees and Rest  ***TDE: 25 Wall Squats***

Thursday: 50’ DB Lunges, 16 Toes to Bars, 8 Power Cleans on DB’s, 12 Minutes  ***TDE: 50 Hollow Rocks***

Friday: Cindy, Yay!!  ***TDE: 3 Minutes in Downward Facing Dog***

Saturday: Partner DT for 10 Rounds Total ***TDE: 25 Burpees***

Sunday: ***TDE: 50 Stationary Lunges, or Split Squats, yes 25/leg***


Conjugate Lifting:

Monday: Upper Body Accessories:

Ring Dips 5×8

Rest week on isometrics

Straight Bar Cable Pressdowns 5×10

Underhand Lying DB Extensions 3×25

Single Arm Cable PullDown 5×20

100 Jumping Pull-ups


Tuesday: Rest


Wednesday: Speed Strength Clean and Jerk

Power Clean from 12″ Blocks and push Jerk, Lower the bar back to chest 4×2 70%, 4×2 75%, 4×2 80%

Banded SN High Pull 20×1 45% of best Snatch +25% bands

Vest + DB’s to CL 40 seated Jumps

Face Up Holds accumulate 10 minutes with weight, lying between two benches

DB Lat Raises 6×15


Thursday: Sleds Recovery Session

Sleds Recovery
4 trips Forwards
4 trips Backwards
2 trips Sideways
1 trip x
-Chest Presses
-Ab Twists

Pushing Sled:
10x 40m Runs, load up something fairly light, rest 1 minute between efforts
GHD Sit-ups 5×20

Quick reminder guys, I know sledding outside sucks, but it’s good stuff. Also, use the worst plates you can find, the Gold’s Gym ones, the BFCO black ones, and then there’s a 35 floating around too. Thanks

Friday: Absolute Strength Snatch

Snatch from 12″ Blocks

Push Press 7×1 90%

Terminal Extension of drive phase, bar in front rack 5 sets of 3 exertions

Single Arm Allen Lift 5×15

Reverse Hypers 180lbs 5×12


Saturday: Dynamic Effort Lower Body

Straight Bar on Back, Box Squat 12×2 50% + 25% Bands Wide stance

20×1 Sumo Speed Pulls 50%+25%

Bands Glute Ham Raises 5 sets all out

Bandy Side Steps 200x Monster Mini

Single Legged 90lbs 4 sets/side

Cable Pulldown Abs 4×25


Sunday: Rest