posted a day early because it’s been a long time since we’ve done a team workout!

Get a buddy and make it happen!

Workout for Saturday April 1st: No Jokes 🙂

Teams of 4:

Each partner does a set ALL OUT of each exercise, in turn, after you’re all done add the reps up for a team score!

Goblet Squats 53/36
Strict Ab Mat Sit-ups
Strict Pull-ups
Hip Extensions
Strict Ab Mat Sit-ups
Bar Dips
Kipping Pull-ups
Back Extensions
Strict Ab Mat Sit-ups
Ring Dips
Toes to Bars

Like everyone take a turn doing Goblet Squats, as many as they can do, then they take turns doing STRICT Ab Mat sit-ups, then they take turns finding out how many push-ups each partner can do, recording scores as they go!

Take turns, have fun 🙂