***NOTICE*** Remember the gym opens at 11:00am today, there are no other morning classes. The evening schedule remains unchanged, 4:30pm, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. Happy New Year!

posted a day early for your planning

Workout for Friday January 1st 2016,

Teams of 3
Bring Down the Net!

5 Rotations for Time

Buddy 1 Rows 300m
Buddy 2 Climbs the net to comfort and then stays at the bottom waiting for the rower to finish
Buddy 3 Performs 5 DB Muscle Makers

Rotating requires each buddy finishing their work, or being on the net.

A “Muscle Maker” is:

-with DB’s lying on the ground:
Hands on the DB’s, jump feet out
Push Up
DB Row Right
DB Row Left
Push Up
Jump Feet in
Hang Squat Clean
Military Press
Hang Squat Clean

I hope you guys are ready for a great year ahead of us!! Lots of fun training, good hangouts, trips, all that good stuff!

A quick shout out to all the people who made the 13 WOD Challenge:
Nikki N.
Sara H.
Taylor R.
Annie R.B.
Matt F.
Michael C.
Matt J.
Kari J.
Chad N.
Brent C.
Art C.
Erika H.
Maria H.
Linda H.
Pam H.
Rachel E.
Becky B.
Eileen T.
Jen L.
Jessica R.
Tony M.
Jon T.
Brandon S.
Katie T.
Pat S.
Kim E.
Meredyth G.
Goffe T.

Way to be you guys! That’s super cool, I hope it was a fun diversion and excuse to try and get some more sessions in during the holidays! Even if you “only” made 12 or 11 or something, think about how many more sessions you made because of the challenge, and if that answer is even 1, then the whole thing was worth it.