On no monday the 20th!!

posted a day early for your planning Workout for Monday the 20th: As Many Rounds as Possible in 15 Minutes of: 15 Toes to Bars 15 DB Presses 45/25 100 Reverse (Backwards) Single Unders

Pain Free Friday?

posted presently to prevent prior particular pensivity Workout for Friday April 17th: For Time 10 DB Man-Makers 1 Box Jump 9 DB Man-Makers 2 Box Jumps 8 DB Man-Makers 3 Box Jumps 7 DB Man-Makers 4 Box Jumps 6 DB Man-Makers 5 Box Jumps 5 DB Man-Makers 6 Box Jumps 4 DB...

Here's Wednesday

posted now for it’s on! Workout for Wednesday April 15th: Row 1000m for Time Rest twice as long as it took Repeat 3 times.

Tuesday, YES

posted presently to prevent prior piss poor planning Workout for Tuesday April 14th: Back Squat Max Triple Let’s smash some PR’s!

Monday's Training Session

posted around a day early because it’s midnight in Oslo Workout for Monday April 13th: “Samantha” 7 Press 95/65 7 Push Press 95/65 7 Push Jerk 95/65 21 Pull-ups 5 Press 95/65 5 Push Press 95/65 5 Push Jerk 95/65 15 Pull-ups 3 Press 95/65 3 Push Press...