Friday of 15.3!

posted a day early even though I have no clue what the workout is! Workout for Friday March 13th, yikes. Good luck 🙂

Wednesdays Willful Workout

posted a day early for your reflection on alliteration Workout for Wednesday March 11th: For Time: 10 Strict Pull-ups 1 Box Jump 30/24 9 Strict Pull-ups 2 Box Jumps 30/24 8 Strict Pull-ups 3 Box Jumps 30/24 7 Strict Pull-ups 4 Box Jumps 30/24 6 Strict Pull-ups 5 Box...

This should be tough!

posted a day early for your planning Workout for Monday March 9th: For Time: 2k Row 50 Push Ups 1000m Row 35 Push-ups 500m Row 20 Push-ups