This is hilarious! I got this email from one of our awesome(r) people who was trying to find a gym closer to home for more efficient use of time before work. I was in full support, after all, I want the best for you guys, and that means training and being fitter than yesterday! I got this later in the week, at about 6:15 🙂

1. Reason one at 6:06am [unnamed] CrossFit still pitch dark….
2. [Unnamed] CrossFit does not have Jesse Ward
3. 6:07 two cars…. still pitch black at [unnamed] CrossFit
4. Refer back to reason 2….
5. OMG there is so much space at Locals! [Unnamed] CrossFit 1/4 of that of Locals
6. 6:08 still dark….. bye…
7. Refer back to 2
8. What community can replace locals!
9. Refer back to 2 🙂
10. Got up at 5 could have been out of house by 5:30 so now I can get up at 5:00 and make it to locals at 6:00…

Sometimes one just have to see if there is grass that might be greener but is obviously not as green as Locals!

See you tomorrow at 6!

Thanks for getting in and getting it done you guys! So motivating for me to watch how far you’ve come and how hard you try each and every session! So cool 🙂