Here’s the scoop guys, this is going to be a much needed and awesome addition to our current offering. There are many people out there who think that “CrossFit” is too hard for them, or will do something do them that they don’t want (too much muscle for example, as if it was so easy to get all super muscley!!). That’s where a class called “BootCamp” fits in.

BootCamp Classes happen all over usually in parks and rec centers. They involve minimal equipment, high repetitions and lots of sweat! Our main change to this model is the addition of more varied equipment, a commitment to functional movements (differentiated by their ability to move large loads, long distances, quickly) and thorough examination of movement patterns and techniques.

The way that BootCamp Classes differ from CrossFit Classes is that the workouts will be Time Priority (AMRAPs instead of For Time), focus on using your own bodyweight, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, and sandbags. This will allow each person to really keep the intention on how they are performing and improving individually.

Cody Parker will be leading these classes Monday through Friday 5:00pm and 6:30pm, with the first class being Monday Sept. 9th! Cody has been teaching BootCamp style classes for several years out of North End Gym (up in the North End) and is ready to make the move to a larger gym (us baby) so that he can join forces with our best athletes and train for the CrossFit Games Regional Competition in May of 2014.

The people we’re looking for to come and enjoy these classes are people who are or have been taking BootCamp Classes somewhere outside during the summer and are looking to keep going into the winter. Also, people new to fitness training in general who feel intimidated by trying to jump right into full on CrossFit, this could be a great way for them to start their training! Furthermore for people looking in improve their performance in higher volume type sessions, like if you’re bad a workouts that have lots of reps in them (e.g. Kelsey Nagel) these classes will push that threshold up for sure!

I’m excited for this, let’s please tell friends and coworkers and slight enemies (heh he) about these classes so that we can get them filled up for Cody by Sept. 9th!