Okay team! Here’s what we’ve got going on.

10am Sunday is the time to do the Open 13.1 WOD. Jamie and Crew will be here making it happen.
***Please please please come with your big boy underwear on ready to do work and to be helpful. Know what weights you need, know that you need a judge, know what the workout is, all these things make it go WAY WAY smoother***

Daylight Savings Time also, Spring forwards! Like a leopard. So 10am is really 9am, how’s that for making the weekend schedule really confusing 🙂

Submitting and Validating Scores:

You have to go to games.crossfit.com , login and submit your score. This needs a total of reps, AND ALSO the time it took you to get through the last 30 snatches that you completed. This time serves as a tie breaker. Whomever judged you can be put down as your judge.

Judges who want to judge at regionals:

If you want to be a judge at regionals, Renee, Charles, Tracy, Jamie, make sure that you judge many heats so that you get people to count you as their judge, that up your “Stats” for consideration at regionals. Easy day.


SMASH THOSE SNATCHES. Choose the best movement option for you, power or split, practice it enough and then make sure that it’s there when you need it to be (likely on the second set of snatches).

Also, when Kelsey and Jin are re-doing this workout, really get behind them, pick them up off the floor on those burpees, jump that bar over their heads with them as they go for 191, and 170 respectively!!