Pay attention people!

*The OPEN starts Wednesday the 6th
*Jesse’s Schedule is changing a little bit
*The lobby has or will have:
#Jump Ropes
#Wrist Wraps
#GrassFed Beef
#Really Nice Cabinet
*Now, about this clipboard. This is how we will be handling all “purchasing of cool stuff”, you write your name down on the clip board and what you grabbed and then we will charge your account for the amount when we get around to it. This eliminates many problems: lost IOU’s, the hassle of making change and calculating sales tax, taking time to print a receipt or anything like that. I mean we’ve got class to teach people! 🙂
*New dispensers in the bathrooms!
#Paper Towels
#You wonderful people deserve this upgrade! I mean the paper towel dispenser is 5 years old for crying out loud!
*There’s some kid’s class changes, so be looking for that parents!