12.2 Announced!! Lots of Snatches, Power, Squat, Split, Muscle, you name it you can do it!

Here’s the plan for all you planners 🙂 Thursday Classes: Option A, Snatch Practice, Drill the movement, work muscle snatch, power snatch and work specifically on stringing together the reps, Option B, get cleared as a judge and judge athletes and also then perform 12.2 yourself. Jesse will be teaching all classes Thursday and Friday! Kelsey will be teaching Saturday and Sunday. Options for the weekend workouts are as follows: Option A, do or redo 12.2 during class time, Option B, Cindy (Pull-ups aren’t this week, maybe they’re next week!) on Saturday and for Sunday Push Press for best set of 5 reps, or do 12.2 for your final chance.

Remember! The class is at 9am on Sunday and the gym will be closed pretty much right after. And here it is from the horses mouth: if you’re doing 2 classes a week or something and you want to come in on Sunday to do 12.2 but have used up your classes for this week, please please please just come at 9am do the class, and fughetaboutit’ it’s better for you and everyone else that you’re there stoked to train! So come and get after it!

Submitting Scores! I’ll be in Portland teaching a Level 1, I’ll have time to approve scores while the class is taking their test at around 3:30pm Sunday. HAVE YOUR SCORE SUBMITTED BY THEN OR YOU’LL BE S.O.L. 🙂 After that I’ll be driving home and unable to click the approved button!