Yippee I’m home!!

Here’s the workout 🙂

Row 350-400ish intervals with 50 seconds rest, between 4 and 6 depending on my mood. Once we’re done with that, Military Press 5×5 and then Push Press 5×3.

Easy Day!

Huge congrats to Charles and Pam, both PR’d their Clean and Jerks along the way to a 14th and 9th place finish respectively!!! So proud of the both of ’em. Awesome weekend!

Great feedback from one our athletes!! So awesome!!

Hey Jesse,

Just wanted to thank you for your help and encouragement in meeting my goal. I completed the RAMROD on Thursday the 28th, and actually finished a bit faster than when I did it in 2005.

The zone diet helped me to drop over 21 pounds, and Rachel and I plan to continue that as our regular dining plan. Your advice to emphasize training intensity over volume also proved out; I rode this event with a fraction of the training miles/hours as last time. Given that the demands of family and business have grown considerably over the last few years, it was a pleasant surprise to learn that I could achieve such great results within my time constraints.

I typically rode hill intervals on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Depending on the hill, 5 to 8 climbs at max exertion, roughly 50 minutes with warm-up and cool down, never totalling more than 9 miles. I’d save my “long” rides for the weekend, but my longest ride was a flat 76 miler, and my longest climbing ride was a 62 miler with about 3500 elevation gain. The RAMROD was 152 miles, with approximately 10,000′ elevation gain.

I credit Crossfit with a strong recovery from my two shoulder surgeries; Following the second surgery in May, my shoulder couldn’t support my body weight while riding. 9 weeks later, I rode RAMROD comfortably, with only a little shoulder soreness.

I’ll always be grateful for your help and advice,