I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, working out at home is like painting with Bob Ross, fun, rewarding and you in fact are painting. You can dance at home (as if no one can see you) and in fact dance, but if you want to really learn to dance, go to Juilliard. If you really want to train, develop and in fact learn Weightlifting, Gymnastics and MMC (rowing, running etc.) you need to go to a CrossFit gym and give it all you’ve got!

With that said, are there better and worse “Schools of Fitness” out there? You betcha. Does each school offer the same curriculum? Certainly not. Does each school have the teachers who mesh with your personality and goals? They might.

Remember this from statistics? It applies to all phenomena where the is sufficient sample size (number of data points/people). Our little community of metal eating mutants is no different! It also works across specific workout stuff too! The Gym’s back squat numbers will fit along this curve nicely. Some people are still learning the basic technique (left side of the curve) and are lifting zero weight, others are powerlifting in their spare time and can squat immense loads, most however, 68%-95% will be in the middle range, squatting something “reasonable”. This could be applied to a broad concept as “CrossFit Skillset” or “Tenacity to Improve”. Each of us will fall somewhere on that curve, and that’s 100% A-OK!!

The Open has presented some of our athletes with an opportunity to excel, which has been amazing! Wow. What a learning opportunity for us! However I think it has been a confusing time for the gym in general with fewer workouts each week to ensure that we have those needing to do the Open WOD being allowed to get it done, and all the extra preparation around each workout, and re-doing the WOD a second time to improve your score all that business. Constantly Varied right? This week is the last week!!

Looking ahead: May, June, July, August! SUN!
Be ready for:

4 Main WODs each week Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri with Make-Ups Wed/Sat/Sun;
1 to 2 special skills on workshop type classes during the week outside of regular class times (e.g. 4:30 Friday, maybe) staffed by different trainers for different skills/drills (which do in fact pay the billz);
3 Nutrition Workshops to help educate us on the foundation of our health;
Our gyms’ “Leaderboards” for the named workouts and others will be kept up to a much higher degree of awesome, to encourage our more aggressive athletes;

Expect from us:

Demanding workouts designed to challenge you in various metabolic pathways, movement skills, and experiential margins;
Earned improvement from many different angles;
Grueling mobility work before and after training;
Top notch training;

Expect from yourself:

Virtuosity of the fundamentals, do the common uncommonly well;
The mental strength to push short workouts to the absolute limit;
An open mind to coaching that might not fit with what you think you need;
To lead the newer people to success;

The bottom line here you guys is that we have the best gym ever. You guys (our clients) are amazing! Donating floors, weights, time, energy, effort, helping at meets, BBQ’s, fund raisers, everything! Our trainers are incredible! We’re traveling the Americas to teach fitness, hosting certifications, competing internationally! Our equipment is sought after around the globe (I got an email from a Military guy in Asia about our band setup!). We have the best workouts! Our nutrition mindset is superb, we have grassfed beef in house (who does that?)!

Goodness. All we need to do is stay focused on coming in and getting after it each day we can and learn to expect greatness from the path we’ve laid behind us for the bridges we’re building ahead of us!