Questions like this are great! CrossFit: constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. Snatching is pretty darn functional, it can move a large load a very long distance rapidly! In other words, LOTS OF POWER OUTPUT. Now the hard part is that Snatching is just downright difficult, it requires lots of base skills, mobility, and a high degree of several of the 10 general physical skills (balance, coordination, speed, power, accuracy etc.)

Isabel: 30 Reps of Snatch for time. As prescribed the weight is 135#. A sensible ladies weight becomes 95#. Perhaps a masters scale of 105#/65# is in order as well. Either way, it’s only 30 reps 😉

The CrossFit Gods: Josh Everett, Khalipa, Max Mormont, to name a few do this workout as a simple ground to overhead employing the violent “power snatch” technique which yields a lung bursting time of 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Brutal. However this caliber of athlete also has the ability to Snatch fairly inhumane enormous weights, for example everett can Snatch 270# at a weight of 185! Yikes.

Today we shall not be power snatching! Down the british! No taxation without representation!

Since no one here (yet) snatches 270# let’s work on snatching! Today we’ll be going all the way up, all the way down and all the way back up 🙂 If you’re overhead squat is truly lacking, then we’ll have some special workshop/funhouse type stuff to get you all lubed up and ready to rock!

Also, 30 reps is enough usually 😉