Lots of good movement!! That’s the story 🙂

Michael: Over 20 minutes, running, sit-ups and back extensions;
Thruster Max: Guaranteed to help your Fran time, front squat + push press;
Elizabeth: Squat clean and ring dips (or just dips).

Get these three in! If you’re competing in the Open, good for you, second, we’ll make a decision for you once the workout is posted Tuesday night. Then the rest of the week may look different for you. Understand that this puts a load of responsibility on the coaches that is different and seemingly more important! That’s OK though, we love it!!

For you 5-6 day each week super stud all stars, the extra work will be on skills revolving around the Open workout. Specifically Muscle-Ups, HSPU’s, Jerks, and all your individual nuances (bumps and bangs) that need extra attention of the lacrosse ball, foam roller, PNF buddy and special small cool kid orange band 😉

Wear your running shoes today!