Alright alright alright.


Saturday the 25th (two weeks!) we’re hosting a Fight Gone Bad to be remembered. It benefits Wounded Warrior Project, which is awesome, LiveStrong and the CrossFit Foundation (Cancers). This is big you guys, community to say the least!

Logistics 🙂

8:00am First Group goes! (3 rounds)
8:30am Second Group goes! (3 rounds)
9:30am Third Group goes! (3 rounds)
10:00am Fourth Group goes! (3 rounds)
11:00am Fifth Group goes! (5 Rounds!!!)
12:00pm Sixth Group goes (5 Rounds!!!)
12:45pm Seventh Group goes (3 rounds)

John and Art FGB

To raise fundage for the cause we’re asking for a $10 donation to do the workout! Please come and stay to cheer people on, help with scoring and filming/picture detail!

We have oodles of equipment 🙂 We can run up to 15 people simultaneously if we have enough scorers (30 total bodies!). The sign-up lists will be in the gym, if you’re a voice from the outer world, call us or email us and we’ll get you on the appropriate sheet to make sure that we’re not overloaded, or at the very least, to ensure organization 🙂

My goal is to have dang near everyone do this awesome workout to benefit these amazing foundations. That should be over 100 people! Bring your friends, family, enemies, people from other gyms, I’m recruiting other affiliates to come hang out and do this workout – it’s gonna be a packed house ROCKING!!
Josie FGB