Lynnwood CrossFitters! September 6th is when the next Course begins, if there’s someone you know who should be a part of what we’re doing here, help them! Tell them that it’s coming up, and that they need to sign up!


Below I’ll layout a brief outline of the course, so people who a little bit of what they’re getting to!

Course Prospectus:
Day 1: Air Squat, Push-Ups
Day 2: Deadlifts, Bar Skills
Day 3: Presses, KB Swing
Day 4: Rowing, Nutrition
Day 5: What is CrossFit/What is Fitness and Overhead Squat
Day 6: KB High Pull, DB Snatch
Day 7: Back Squat, Running Concepts
Day 8: Running Technique Drills
Day 9: Front Squat, Thruster, Clean
Day 10: SMR, Review Squats
Day 11: Class WOD
Day 12: Secret 🙂

Each day we teach new movements that build on the patterns already taught, I will give short talks on specific key areas, Nutrition, What is crossfit, What is Fitness, Running, Rowing, and we’ll be working towards fantastic movement while doing workouts tailored to fit the capabilities of people learning our movements! It’s such good stuff! Please welcome our newest members, John (Laura’s hubby!) Rich, Craig, Regina, Scott and Barbara into the fold 🙂

Rowing Form, for your review:

Charles Rowing – Computer
Jen’s Great Rowing – Computer