Not for the faint of heart! Or the weak of calves 😉 I went to the CrossFit Endurance Certification this past weekend (videos forthcoming) which focused mainly on running, with cycling and swimming are coming out soon! There was an amazing amount of useful information, drills and physics (that I think is cool) which brought the sport out of “skinnies only” domain and back into it’s rightful place within my own mental totem pole.

On a side note: CONGRATULATIONS TO TODD AND CHERYL MANNING, they come to the 6am and have been in the endurance world for quite a while. They just won (yeah, 1st place) a couples sprint tri-athlon. Todd swam, Cheryl biked and Todd finished with the run. They beat out all male teams even!! WOW.

A couple things: Running lecture Wednesday night, I hope everyone can make this! 7:30pm upstairs in the newly created “Mezzanine of Erudition”. This is going to be a concepts lecture, getting you guys to realize that running is different than we (forgive the assumption) or at least I formerly thought and then unveiling how we’re gonna fix it, develop it and try to re-learn it!

Ice and Ann
Beyond that I’ve already taken some steps (bad bad pun!) to get us going in the right direction. Two running clinics a month apart from each other. There will be some redundancy between the two (never a dull moment around here and zero repeats!!) but attending both will give you a chance to see the changes you’ve made either a) stick or b) not stick. I think worth it. There will be copious time spent developing this motor pattern. Also, I’ve went ahead and made a team for the MetroDash. Which sounds terrible but very CrossFit. Run somewhere, do something, find out where else to run, go there and do something, no real rules just go. Very task oriented, I like it. I also think that cheating may be encouraged, i.e taxicabs 😉

Rower Cleaning

Also, I know that CC and Josie just completed their first sprint distance (hardly sprinting if you ask me, 1/2 mile swim, 14 mile bike and 5k run, or close to that) tri-athlon, which is awesome! Josie even had a flat tire for most of the biking leg that she didn’t know about – that’s CrossFit legs for ya! As Clan Cheiftan I want to develop you in whichever direction you want to do. Yeah classes are awesome and teaching these movements is of the utmost importance (CrossFit Endurance agrees and teaches this, which is so cool) but if you want to train to do something amazing (irregardless of what that is, amazing things are different for each of us) I want to know and I built this gym to help you do just that. Now I feel like I have real input for those of us that want to stretch out that time domain to infinity and beyond (shameless Toy Story quote, I know, I’ve got twins!).

Let’s get it going! Personally I’ll be thinking more about rowing and cycling for CFE, because that’s where I’m interested. I think there’s plenty of us that would love to get into these sports on a larger level but just don’t know what to do or how to start, talk to me, come to the clinics and let’s get going!!
Rowing and Cycling