I know I could use a good cheat night. Here’s the plan: Valentines’ day is pretty shot to begin with, chocolates, pizza, artichokes and mayonnaise (maybe that’s just me) whatever it is, it’s going to happen. As a matter of fact you might have plans already to go somewhere and wine and dine your cutie. Here’s the Lynnwood CrossFit addenda to that plan 🙂


La Galleria in Edmonds has agreed to host us for a special 2:00PM “Lunner” party! Very cool, usually they’re closed but for us, they’ll open up 🙂

Menu: The important part.
Appetizer 1: Select Fruits, 7 Cheese and Artisan Bread (mingle, chat, chow there will be plenty).
Appetizer 2: Tricolore: Fresh mozzarella, with tomato and basil leaf, salt, pepper, olive oil (bomb).

Entrées: 3 Different ones, so we can nibble family style
1. Chicken Marsala
2. Lasagna
3. Gnocchi and Polenta

Dessert: Chocolate Cake (sounded boring to me, he made me try it, I’m a believer now!)


Drinks: Set up a tab on your card when you come in and that’s that.

Cost: $25 each!!

We need to get La Galleria a deposit by Friday so they can begin preparing for our feasting. I hope everyone can make it out!!