F*** the Card Powerlifting Meet!!


At 10:00 we will be having a serious lifting competition, I encourage everyone to come watch and maybe lend a hand spotting 🙂 It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll be having Mark Bell from SuperTraining Gym out to help with the meet! Our stongest ladies: Lindsay, Abi, Mel, Lisa, will be competing and our strongest guys: Dan, Ryan, Steve, Kevin’s (Krazy and Moss), Ilog, Daniel Simonton, Justin, Dre, Shaun, Brett, and Nado!!!

As this is an unsanctioned meet, all lifts will be World Records athough they will be reported no where 🙂


What all this really means is that the 10:00AM class this Saturday will not happen. The meet kicks off at 10:00AM sharp and the lifers will be warming up prior to that.


8:00AM will be on hardcore though!! Mary or Cindy is the workout, two awesome 20 minute calisthenic nightmares. Bring your friends, family, enemies and co-workers and we’ll introduce them to the CrossFit Program of Constantly Varied Functional Movements performed and High Intensity.