Fight Gone Bad IV: We’re in full fundraiser mode. Suggested minimum funds raised to be involved $50 or pledges to exceed that when your point total is tallied up.

1. Go to .
2. Click “Register”
3. Agree with the Waiver
4. Join an Existing Affiliate
5. In Washington
6. Named Lynnwood CrossFit
7. Continue
8. Fill in all the info
9. Do the confirmation email stuff and we’re good to go!

Calm as a Hindu Cow

Calm as a Hindu Cow

Fall Rowing Challenge: FRC 2009. We’ve got 13 staunch returners, ready for the fire in the buns, sworn to row 200,000 meters in 30 days. In the spirit of giving, Glasnost if you will, we’re looking to get 50 people to sign up for the rowing challenge and donate $20 to the “Let’s Get a Sixth Rower Foundation”, this may seem redundant, but come Winter when running is less and less an appealing option, many turn to the rower, we want to be ready. Signee’s are encouraged to do so with a partner or “Rowing Buddy” for accountability.

Onto 23

To sign up:
Go to .
1. Motivation -> Rowing Challenges -> Team
2. Bottom link says “Online Log Book”
3. Sign Up for you Personal Online Log Book
4. Do what it says and I’ll get an email about you – it’ll be awesome 🙂

Great Times!! Let’s get cracking!

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