Thanks for everyone who made the meeting today!  


Finer points:


  • Weighing and measuring for precision nutrient intake
  • Proper ratios of 40/30/30 maintained for optimum performance
  • Food choice up to you, eat what you want to!


  • Eat meat, veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar.
  • We can take this as far as you want to; nutrient timing, intermittent fasting etc.
  • Food choices limited to the above statement!

Please feel free to contact Deidra (Zone) or Jesse (Paleo beginners) or Abi (Paleo hardcores).

The contest board is up in on the white board, your coach and you will determine what you have to do to get a gold star for each day when you determine what the parameters of your diet will be. 

We will be running all the performance testing next week, as well as signing everyone up onto a team.  The retest will be the 2nd week in February so we can all have chocolate for V-day 😉