Yes we did. We used Uncle Sam to motivate people to help their friends and family and associated others better themselves by training their body, mind and spirit.  Complicate sentence, simple point: we need more members, we need more people who want to train, who want to put in the time and get in shape, we need more people who have the guts to come 3-6 days each week and sweat out their insufficiencies.  These are the people we need. 

To speed this along we’ve done several things to get people excited to train and excited to bring their friends to train with them:

  1. Membership drive with various incentives (leader is Collin Sargent at 5)
  2. Jingle Bell Run/Walk 5k
  3. Kettlebell Competition
  4. CrossFit Team: The Myrmidons
  5. Zone Group Mondays
  6. Life Group Thursdays
  7. Olympic Lifting Class Tue/Fri

The good news is: it’s working!!  Yet not unlike a new PR on Murph we’re just not satisfied with how fast we’re growing.  We have an awesome gym, it wants lots of people in it getting after it, the gym is happy when it’s full of sweaties, swinging bells, cleaning bars, squatting, pressing and doing all variety of pull-ups.

To help make the gym happier we’re going to open up two classes each week to non-members (i.e. these are the times to bring people!!) to help get people into doing CrossFit, and actually getting results from their workouts (i.e. quit wasting freakin’ time).  Saturday morning at 10:00am and Tuesday 5:30PM will be open each week – visitors encouraged!!

Thanks thanks thanks!!!