Here’s one of my least favorite sentences:

"Squats hurt my blah blah blah."

This is a deliberate attempt to pin personal anguish onto the squat.  Like the squat did something to you other than get you off the ground, couch, chair, toilet, or park bench.  This sentence is borne out of a disdain for squatting, and I think perhaps some of this is cultural.  Perhaps some Americans think the squat is beneath our dignity, like the lowly squat is reserved for the third world only, we after all, have stools and "ergonomics". 


How about instead:

"My blah blah blah is/are hurting my squat."

Now that’s something I can get behind!!  It says that you like to squat, that you feel it is essential to the life that you want to continue living.  It says that you’re willing to put in the work needed to make your squat better and view this as a worthy enterprise instead of some punishment or something "boring".

Happy wall squats everyone.

Clan Cheiftan Out.

Notice how in every picture there is agony in the face of the squatter.  This is easily found.  Hence there is value in squatting to produce fitness as opposed to other simple frivolities like knitting.