I know I know, everyone thinks I am huge sadist.  But really I just wanna help 🙂  A few members have been bringing various charitable ideas forth concerning the season and giving and being awesome in general and I think that with our impressive numbers (just signed up our 300th member!) we could really do some good.  The trick is to figure out where the good should be done, to whom, through which group of people etc and all the intangibles along with that.  Yikes. 

Clothes for kids . org

Great little group, highly recommended by the Anselment Family, a family that I highly recommend.  So there it is.  Here’s what we’re going to do. 

  • Cardboard Barrel that needs
  1. Socks (for kids)
  2. Unders (for kids)
  3. Hats (for kids)
  4. Athletic Shoes (for kids)
  5. Lightly Used Clothes of all kinds (they don’t use these directly but earn revenue on their bulk sale, which is nice)              
  6. Cleaning Supplies (Windex, Lysol etc.)
  • Beginning Date: NOW 3,2,1… GO!
  • Ending Date: All clothes and supplies will be delivered on Friday the 19th, a week before Christmas
  • We will weight the barrel once a week until delivered – FILL IT UP, AND THEN FILL THE NEXT ONE!!!!

And now for some recent high-lights – too much fun!!