This party was so much fun!  Thanks for everyone who helped out so much, Abi, D, Shane and Kim, Posey’s, Jesse M., Bob, my Momma and David, Walid, Miles, Shannon, ABC Rentals, Kim Berger (Decorating, yeah we’ve got her number), I hope I didn’t miss anyone – Misty for helping setup, sheesh that was close 🙂

So yeah, we had fun, everyone looked fabulous, cuisine was delightful, comedy totally tasteful 😉  Don’t you like Katherine’s Calves!  Wow!

Thank you thank you thank you – we couldn’t do this without all you guys and ladies comin’ in and getting after it, doing these tough workouts and training to change your mind, body and spirit really bring us closer together than people at your average run of the mill "Fitness Center" – I hope you feel the same way.  We’ll get the slide show figured out soon and we’ll post it up on here.  I was quite upset about not getting that figured out in time (alas I thought it simpler than it really was) because a lot of people weren’ t recognized for all that they do around the gym, bringing people in, being hardasses, earning firebreather shirts, being awesome or just being closet heart throbs of all the members here in some way or another – it’s good and I hope you guys’ll all watch the slide show when we get it up here!

Rock out.  I’m so excited to jack people up this year – we’ve laid a great base, let’s start really pushing to get more people into this and to get ourselves in tip top shape for all the fun activities coming this next year: CrossFit Totals, Hooverball, the I-90 Games, Kettlebell Contests, Jingle Bell Run, Seattle CrossFit Games, Thanksgiving Invitational Grip Challenge, Sumner Strongman, Flag Football etc.etc.etc

World.  See you guys Monday.