What in the hell does that really mean?

More than you think.  Remember when we first started, and we were all in terrible shape.  That first "real" workout just kicked your butt to the core, super sore, never like this before…  Remember that?  Notice how when someone new comes in and takes a class they get wrecked and even though they may look like they’re in OK shape you still beat them on time or weight or whatever?  This is only because of who we have training here. 

Big concept: the training partners you have allow you to progress faster than anything else.  If everyone you’re working out with can do pull-ups, are you motivated to get some pull-ups?  Here’s another way of putting it; if you’re training with friends who could never do pull-ups, and really don’t train for them, are you ever going to get one?  Simple right?

The same thing counts for a 20 minute Michael, or a 5 minute Fran, a 6 minute mile time, that first sweet sweet kipping pull-up.

Get ready for some more changes, we’re gonna begin to morph how we organize our workouts so that we can take advantage of the fact that we have AMAZING training partners here.  This is terribly untapped right now, and I apologize.  The only reason I ever got my three lift total to 1565# (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift) was training with Luke, Dan, Tim, Spencer and my wife Carrie – it would have never happened on my own with a power rack and some bands, never in a million years.  These guys, close friends, confidants pushed me without them being overt about it, Tim killed me on raw pressing, Luke was way ahead of me in a number of key accesories and really worked to intellectualize the training so it pushed me to think more and develop our training to a whole new level, Dan was so stable as a partner, always there ready to put in the work, Carrie can always spot my form faults (she’s worse than me, seriously) so effortlessly letting you know why you missed this lift or why your shoulder hurts now…  She’s amazing, Spencer was always so jacked up to train, youthful vigor to the max, awesome energy – does this make sense?

The crew you come in with each time you workout, the familiar faces, they are the real reason that your fitness has reached the level where it’s at!  Yeah we throw out great workouts, yeah CrossFit has completely revolutionized training as I see it, know it, experience it, teach it but what CrossFit has done the most is show respect and honor to the community that you train with that pushes performance and hence our health to this whole new level.

Get ready to get after it.

-Fearless Leader