You can’t beat that!  This is Lynnwood Crossfit, the best workouts in town.  No we don’t have a pool or big screen TV’s, we DO have classes, and yes they’re awfully aerobic, there’s music playing, but no it’s not to music 🙂  Seriously, this is all we sell, just the best workouts, no frilly equipment, no juice bar, no shea butter creams, just awesome coaching and tough tough workouts.

We need everyone to keep spreading the word about what we’re doing out here!  Invite your friends to cheer you on during the Fight Gone Bad event coming up, invite them to the party on the 26th, invite them to workout with you next time you come to the gym, invite them to come support you at our Total on October 19th – this is a big reason why we have so many cool events!  To showcase how awesome our athletes are and to pull people in who want some of that 🙂

If it looks like fun, it’s because it is!

Clan Chieftan Out.