After a few mis-loads (one of which resulted in a huge PR, giving more proof to it truly being all mental), a few errors in lifting order and a whole lotta poundage lifted; here are the results!


Melissa R. 531#

Melissa W. 550#

Lindsay S. 500#

Fran M. 566#

Adam S. 580#

Jenny O. 597#

Tom W. 617#

John D. 660#

Daniel S. 795#

David A. 765#

Andrew B. 755#

Awesome Numbers. Special note for a few lifters with VERY high total to bodyweight ratios, impressive: Fran M., Jenny O., Daniel S., and Andrew B.


I’ll get the group photo out when I get it!!


Thanks, to Dave Werner (Crossfit Seattle) for bringing equipment, forms, instructions, expertise, experience, sage-like wisdom, good-natured ribbing and judging.  Thanks to Linc, Ross, Luke, and D for judging, loading, spotting!  Crucial crucial crucial!