Argh.  Today’s Rant: "Paid Advertising Salespeople and the Ineffectiveness of Ads"


A question to the membership and world at large.  Did you find your current gym by a cleverly placed or attractive ad? Or did someone you know say "Hey I got to this great gym, the workouts are really intense and I’m seeing the best results of my life."  Further I posit that if you did follow an ad and joined that gym you are probably not ecstatic about the workouts, the atmosphere, the staff the people etc. etc.


  That’s it.  A total disregard for advertising in general.  If you work for an ad agency, look at this website, read this page and then choose not to call me.  I don’t want to hear about how your ad campaign can "lock out my competition" when our superior training style, atmosphere and people already accomplish that task.  


Telemarketers man.  We don’t do, neither should they.  Local’s Gym baby.