I get asked this all the time, on the phone, when new people come in, when someone who’s been coming for a while finally perks up and asks, what the heck is going on in here?

All we’re doing is increasing work capacity across broad time and modal domains by using a constantly varied protocol made up exclusively of functional movements executed at high intensity.

🙂 Yup, that’s all we’re doing.

Does that help anything? I love complicated verbiage. Love it.

We’re making people capable of doing more work in whatever time frame they’ve got to work within regardless of what they’re actually doing. We accomplish this by using only movements that allow us to move relatively large loads, long distances quickly in as wide a variety of groupings as we can think up. Oh, and it has to be challenging.

What this really means is that our aim is to create inside our members and clients the goal of being able, really able to do all the things people want to do:

Yard work, run, swim, play with grandkids, pick them up, do weekend warrior volleyball tourneys, paintball, real push-ups, do more than croquet at the family reunion, look great, feel great, laugh more and with better core activation (a more hearty jolly laugh), wear bathing suits well, have a chest and no gut, throw far, really actually try to compete against themselves and someone else without fear of injury or later bodily reprisals.

This is the good stuff, forget doing crunches and biceps curls, let’s get down to business, the business of moving and living!

That’s tired 🙂