Ahh alliteration.  It’s so good.  Swinging supplely from suspended stationary supports.  We had that last night, gymnastic people make me envious.  But I digress.

F5F this is our first "let’s get Local’s Gym packed for a whole day with people" event.  We’re going to have all our trainers here all day, workouts are free and they start whenever you’re ready.  Pretty cool huh


The idea is to bring in your friends, family, co-workers, associated good people to get them exposed to what we have to offer, sweat, results, camaraderie 🙂


The workout will be kept a closely guarded secret 🙂  It’s appropriate for people of all walks of life though – not something crazy, no "Filthy 50" no "Murph" – you should be excited about that!


We also want to just give out a HUGE appreciation to everyone for already spreading the word about us!  We’re up to 123 members as of Saturday the second.  It’s simply fantastic to strive for excellence and believe in a vision and then to have other people really benefit and genuinely enjoy the process enough to tell their friends and family about it is basically freakin’ sweet.  So thanks.  Seriously.

Here’s one such fine fellows who was "recommended" he try Local’s Gym.  He got tired.  Deidra is obviously happy about this realization 🙂


Thanks again, Clan Chieftan Out