And "meteorologists" everywhere.   So remember that time when you were in like 4th Grade.  It TOTALLY snowed enough to get the day off from school but the "supernintendint" or however you said it, didn’t say there was no school.  So the next day when it was supposed to get worse they called it the day before because they were being all smart and proactive and steward-like.  But then it totally didn’t snow more, in fact it all melted, so the day off from school was lame anyway and your parents were all bent out of shape.

I feel totally the same.  Sorry to everyone who came last night to find the gym closed.  I’m really not into having people not workout.  That’s pretty much why I earned a few premature gray hairs and opened Local’s Gym, the best gym ever, was to have people workout, instead of not working out.  So with that said, today is time to crank some serious watts!  

Thanks, sorry, thanks.

If the "meteorologists" ever predict like a massive typhoon hurricane or something nuts, I’ll totally stay at the gym until that tilt up construction comes crashing down, it’ll be rad.  I’ll be the captain going down with the ship 🙂


Capt. Murdock Out.