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This event is great.  Local’s Gym has put a team together to support the fight against Cancer.  You know why?  Because Cancer sucks.  Everyone knows someone who’s had it, lived through it, fought it, had surgeries because of it – hell, even my little dog (100lbs) Riggs had Cancer.  

At this point I’m ready to tabata this Relay For Life.  For those of y’all out there who know Local’s Gym real well, remember when we “CrossFitted” our printer, and it wasn’t up to the task?  Basically we were printing like mad without resting it, poor poor printer, and it died a horrible death.  PC Load Letter?!  It was hysterical.


The “Lynnwood CrossFitters” team at this point consists of my cute wife, myself and our two unborn sons.  I’m looking to aid the fight against Cancer in a big way.  I set our goal at $3,100 dollars.   The best way to get involved here is to either join the team (just let me know), or start a team of your own (the best choice overall) if you think you can bring it and challenge the Lynnwood CrossFitters. 
If you want to start your own team or just want to know more about Relay for Life before you decide whether or not to contribute to the fight come to the Kick-off!  January 9th at Ballinger Lake Golf Club, 6:15pm.  23000 Lakeview Drive, Mountlake Terrace, Wa 98043.