Oregon’s Strongest Man Contest:

The sole Local’s Gym entrant is Jesse Ward! Come join me or cheer me on! Address: Main Street Park Aurora Oregon.

Send Correspondence to:

Oregon’s Strongest Man Competition
13727 S Holcomb Blvd
Oregon City, OR 97045

Events as Follows:

-#56 Weight for Height (3 Attempts)

Weight for Height

-Increasing Yoke – Carry and walk 25ft per increase!


-Braemar Stone (shot put) 22lb Stone (3 Attempts)

Bret 21lb stone

-Medley #1

#250lb Farmers Walk 50ft

Load #165 Keg (25′) Load #243 Stone (25′)

Drag Loaded Sled #640 – 50′

-Scottish Hammer Throw 22lb (3 Attempts)


-Deadlift for a Max (3 Attempts)

-Light Weight for Distance #28 (3 Attempts)

-Medley #2

Press each in succession:

Keg #165

Straight Bar #220

Log #240

Stone #243 (place on shoulder and hold for a bit)

DB #140 – each hand, one at a time…