Conjugate Weightlifting, Week 50

THURSDAY; Max Effort Lower Body

Banded Sumo DL for Max

High Hang Power Clean for Max

Rest on Isometrics

Single Arm Allen Lift 5×15/side

Single Leg Glute Bridges 5×15/side


FRIDAY: Lower Body Accessories

45 Degree Hip Extensions 5×12

Walking Lunges Overhead 5×12/side

Reverse Hypers at the Angle 180lbs 4 sets

Ankle Weights Hamstring Curls on Cheesemat10 min

Hollow Rocks do 100

SATURDAY: Max Effort Upper Body Rest

Floor Press -Fat Bar (FB)  For Max

Low Incline Lightened 1″ Bench Press -Heavy 8, 5 sets of work at or near that weight

T-Bar 5×12

Pull-ups 5×5

This weeks preview!

Hey guys!

YOU ARE THE BEST!! We dominated the gift giving for the kids at Alderwood Middle, I’m super proud, and I can only think of how cool those kids are going to feel in their new kicks, and hoodies, and with the big bear, all of that, such a game changer for our littles in need of some gear. Thank you.

This weekend! We’re going to host a fund raiser for a special family up north. Lots of gyms ran it last weekend, but with our gift giving, it was too tight to put through on the schedule. SATURDAY we’re going to run a team workout to help support and ultimately raise some money for Brayden and his family. He’s a young guy (13 years old) who’s just been diagnosed with Brain Cancer, and his family is going through rough times, losing grandparents already this year after long battles. The gym is going to donate your class fees for the day to the cause all I can ask is for you to come and share in the workout and if it feels right match our donation ($10-$12), and our reward will be fitness and the gift of giving and helping.

Couple things looking forwards at the schedule coming up also, please bear in mind that we do not close for any other Holidays throughout the year, typically open longer with more action on those days 🙂

Christmas Schedule:
Friday 22nd: Normal Schedule
Saturday 23rd: Normal Schedule
Sunday 24th: Closed
Monday 25th: Closed
Tuesday 26th: CLOSED
Wednesday 27th: Normal Schedule
Thur/Fri/Saturday: Normal schedule
Sunday the 31st: Closed
Monday the 1st: AM Closed. Normal PM Schedule, 4:00, 5:30, 6:30, 7:30

Thanks guys for understanding, and for allowing your coaches to take a reasonable break as well!


Monday: Deadlifts!!!
Tuesday: The NET comes down!!
Wednesday: Presses!!
Thursday: Squats and Carries
Friday: “Fitness Test”
Saturday: Brayden’s Special Team WOD!! Come raise funds!

Many Moons Ago

10 Trips around the Sun guys 🙂

We’re not super into celebrations around here, but hey 10 seems like it’s worth it. December 4th was the first time I did a CrossFit workout, so we’ll celebrate with that 🙂

I’d also like to take a second on the podium that I have to recognize some of athletes who’ve been with us that whole time.

Pam and Dan Harkins – The most Perseverant
Tom and Annie Rueda-Brown – Receiver of the Most Abuse
Melissa Webb – The Strongest and Most Adaptable
Charles and Whitney Neill – The Hero’s
Frank Brettholle – Most hatred of Double Unders
Steve and Rachel Egner – Power Couple 2.0
Walid and Nevin Joudi – Fit as hell despite having the most self destructive behaviors
Steve and Kathryn Arnold – Strongest and Surliest (not necessarily in that order)
Morgan and Debbie Arford – Awesomest although they’ll never believe it
Shannan Ross – Best Mom Ever (inside joke) and Best Trainee Attitude

Art Campos, you were close, but you were just a little late to be included in the TRUE O.G. Club, sorry buddy 🙂

I’m humbled to have been your Coach all this time you guys! I’ve learned so much through working with you, I can only hope the years of verbal abuse can be rectified by the superior fitness that you’ve earned through your time with me!

Lastly I’d like to take a quick minute to recognize my Wife, Carrie, who has seen me through all the trials that come with this adventure. Truly through thick and thin, full or flush, she’s had my back, sides and front since day 0. Thanks Sweetie!

For the workout itself, how about this:

10 Rounds (10 Years after all 🙂
For Time:

Run 200m
1 Toe to Bar
1 Push-up
Run 200m
2 Toes to Bar
2 Push-ups

Go all the way to:

Run 200m
10 Toes to Bar
10 Push-ups

I think that’s poignant enough 🙂

Thanks Everyone!

This weeks preview!

Here we go guys!!

This week I’ll be putting up our annual community support event where we buy underprivileged kids in our neighboorhood, Alderwood Middle, Christmas presents. I’ll have that up ASAP Monday morning, be ready! Thanks so much for all your support of these kids. So cool.

Monday’s got some DB Overhead work, and heavy ring rows, be excited.
Tuesday’s got a Toes to Bar workshop (who can’t get better at those) with a nice run/push up workout after it
Wednesday We LIFT heavy, Squatting for Load
Thursday We’re gonna have a snatch clinic, working on our weak points and then smash house on Randy, a quick 75 reps
Friday we smash a big dip (again) but not on rings, thank goodness!! And of course accessories
Saturday we’re doing “Nutts” as a team and yes it’s a huge workout, come have fun, don’t be scared!

Welcome Baaaack!

Check this out: https://youtu.be/kQpD5LqLz_A

It’s a video of us putting up our sign, thanks Liz!!

Goodmorning Team! I hope it’s been a nice little rest, and recoup after the Cornucopia and that you find yourself, still a little stiff, and tummy a little weird, and hence ready to get into it!!

This week, Very Normal schedule, Full Moon on Sunday.

Monday: Nasty couplet with a heaping helping of calisthenics to get the blood moving again
Tuesday:Heavy Day, with lots of accessory work
Wednesday: Handstand Times, with a spicy duet of Barbells and Abs
Thursday:Dip Training en masse and then appropriate accessory work
Friday:ROPE CLIMBS, bring your socks!!
Saturday: Team workout with no special gear required 🙂

Which day to miss? If you mean miss like “long for whence gone past” then the answer is all of them!! If you want to be strong, in shape, coordinated, and truly a CrossFitter, then it makes it a tough choice which session to skip out on. Don’t here me be too harsh, I certainly won’t do all of these workouts myself, but let it motivate you to not necessarily worry about which workout you’re making it to, only that in making it you’ll be FITTER for the training, and in the long term you won’t be missing anything with good varied, intense programming such as this.

Gym Stuff!

The gym is closed today (Friday) and Saturday guys!

Sorry for any confusion there!!

We don’t take any other holidays during the year besides Christmas 🙂 Enjoy your days off, if you did the Cornucopia yesterday, you shouldn’t feel like working out today anyway!!!

Check out this video from yesterday!!

You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have


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