It’s time for some real fitness!

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Monday: “Jerry” For time: Run 1 mile Row 2K Run 1 mile

Tuesday: For time: 3 rope climbs, 6 power cleans 205/145, 9 HSPU’s 4” deficit, 12 skin the cats, 9 deficit HSPU’s, 6 power cleans, 3 rope climbs

Wednesday: Max weighted pull-up, “Annie”

Thursday: “Christine” 3 rounds for time 12 dead’s bodyweight, 21 box jumps 24/20, 500m row

Friday: 10 to 1 of military presses at 135/95 and 2 to 20 wall ball shots 20/14 for time

Saturday: Teams of 4: Share as a team, two people working at a time: 200 burpees, 200 GHD SIt-ups, 200 calories on the rower boom!

Hoo HOO, this week looks “fun”!

Check it out :). And yeah, we’re gonna scale the workouts when/if they’re too much volume/load etc.

Monday: Bike 1k: 5 Rounds of 3 Deadlifts 365, 6 HSPU’s on paralettes, then finish with another 1k on the bike

Tuesday: 3 Rounds for Time of: 30 GHD Sit-ups, 30 DB Hang Power Cleans 45/30, 150 Mountain Climbers

Wednesday: 50 Air Squats, 800m run max rounds in 12 minutes

Thursday: “Lynne” 5 Rounds not for time of Bench Press at Bodyweight and Pull-ups for max reps.

Friday: Front Squat x1

Saturday: 50/40/30/20/10 of KB Swings and Push-ups. Both do the KB and share the push-ups between then two of you!

YEEESSS! More workouts for more fitness 🙂

I’m not sure which of these workouts to Cherry Pick?! I def wanna do Thursday, Wednesday looks fun, Tuesday I’ve got to do or I’ll be relegated to weakling status soon, Monday sounds rocking, Friday is like what?! And Saturday is going to be NASTY!!! With friends like these, who needs enemies!?

Monday: DL/Hang Clean/Hang Clean and Jerk for 1RM complex

Tuesday: Front Squat x5

Wednesday: 3 Bar Muscle Ups, 6 Med Ball Cleans 50/30, 9 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20 Max Rounds in 20 minutes

Thursday: 50ft Bear Crawl, 50 Feet Broad Jumps, 50 Feet Plate Slithers, 50 Feet Single DB OH Lunges 35/20, 3 Rounds for Time

Friday: 5 Suitcase Deadlifts R 95/65, 5 Suitcase Deads L 95/65, 5 Toes to Bars, 5 Power Clean and Press 95/65, Max rounds in 12 minutes

Saturday: 300m Row times the rotation, Max Rounds in 15 minutes of: 25 Double Unders, 4 L-Pull-ups

An article and updates!

Hey guys!!

New stuff! Schedule change: we’re adding 7am on Tuesday and Saturday mornings!!

Also, read this! https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/processed-food-industry-sugar-addiction-by-robert-h-lustig-2018-09

Sorry, I dunno what the deal is. I edited the link,to another failure. Just google “Lustig” and “sugar”. Cheers!

It’s crazy and real.

October Approacheth!

CrossFit Classes:

Monday: Hang Squat Cleans and Double Unders

Tuesday: Jerks and L-Sits, fun times!

Wednesday: Overhead Squats and 2k row test!!!

Thursday: Ring Dips and GHD Sit-ups

Friday: 1 leg less rope climb 15’, Strict Pull-ups, and horizontal ring rows

Saturday: “Jack” Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 115 pound Push press, 10 reps 10 KB Swings, 1.5 pood 10 Box jumps, 24 inch box we’ll partner this up, and have a blasty!!

Fall has fell?

CrossFit Classes:

Monday: Front squat max 7

Tuesday:3 Rounds for time: Run 400m, 2 Rope climbs, 15 Med Ball Cleans 50/30

Wednesday: 5 rounds for time: 15 Power Snatches 75/55, 15 Toes to Bar

Thursday: Sumo deadlift high pull 3 rep max

Friday: “Blake” Four rounds for time of: 100 foot Walking lunge with 45lb plate held overhead 30 Box jump, 24 inch box 20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball 10 Handstand push-ups

Saturday: I go you go (You and one buddy) Push presses, 3 Reps at each weight: 65/95/125/145/165 ladies 45/65/85/100/115, 5 rounds “For time”

Conjugate Powerlifting:


Holding 2 Medicine Balls on the shoulders 40 seated jumps
Low Box Squat Close Stance Against Chains, Cambered Bar, K: 3 Chains/side
Belt Squat 5×6, against bands
Split Squats 3×8, lightened method
Reverse Hypers 3×10
Barbell Side Bends 7×5


Close Grip Pin Press K: 13 Middle Grip -MultiGrip Bar (MGB)
Wide grip Grip 2 Board 5×3
Rope Cable Extensions 5×10
Belt Squat Low Row 5×10
Medium Supine Mag Grip 5×8
Standing Banded Twists 3 sets of 30/side


Barbell on Back 40 seated jumps
Reverse Hypers 5×15
Weighted Planks w/ Belt Accumulate 5 Minutes
Ankle Weights in Belt Squat 200x marching hammy curls
Do 100-200 of them triceps extensions


Duffalo Bar: K 145 + 2 chainz
Sumo 205 w/ 1″ and micro bands 20 singles
Inverse Curl Negatives 25x
Sideways Sled Marching 3 times down and back with 70lbs
Allen Lift 5×8


Straight Bar 8×3 Bands K: 80 K: Micro band
Fat Bar Floor Press w/ chainz 3 sets
Hammer Bar Skullcrushers 3 sets
GHD DB Rows 6×10
100 Barbell Rows
Lying DB Rotators 3x burning/side

You aren’t going to get the butt you want by sitting on the one you have


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