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And the weeks keep coming!

This Wednesday is a special fundraiser workout, I’ll have the details up in the gym about how to donate to Marysville. They raising money after the high school shooting a few years back to rebuild the weight room, to help the kids. Of course, I’m into that! Monday: 3...

It’s time for some real fitness!

Tickets for the EnduroCross https://www.endurocross.com/everett-wa-endurocross Booyah!! Monday: “Jerry" For time: Run 1 mile Row 2K Run 1 mile Tuesday: For time: 3 rope climbs, 6 power cleans 205/145, 9 HSPU’s 4” deficit, 12 skin the cats, 9 deficit HSPU’s, 6 power...

Hoo HOO, this week looks “fun”!

Check it out :). And yeah, we’re gonna scale the workouts when/if they’re too much volume/load etc. Monday: Bike 1k: 5 Rounds of 3 Deadlifts 365, 6 HSPU’s on paralettes, then finish with another 1k on the bike Tuesday: 3 Rounds for Time of: 30 GHD Sit-ups, 30 DB Hang...

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Hooverball Tournament!!

The 29th!  High Noon - the cost is $15 teams of 3 will play each other, if you don't have a team come anyway and we'll get you set right up - I'm sure we'll need subs 🙂 BBQ and T-Shirt included.  We've got Ed on the grill and Jesse on the whistle so everything'll be...

Sunday Seminar Series

 Sunday the 16th, starts at noon, goes til around 4.   We'll cover nutrition, deadlifting in all it's forms, CrossFit programming style, and briefly cover the snatch - very complicated 🙂   Come and have fun!  Comfy clothes and a snack for sure...

CrossFit Total at Puyallup

Curtis and Laurie of Rainier Crossfit are hosting a "CrossFit Total" in Puyallup. Squat for a Max Shoulder Press for a Max Deadlift for a Max Add all three together and you've got your "total"  shoot for over 1000! Starts at 10:00...

Nutrition Blog

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