Great work so far guys! Killer intensity through the Open WODs, great mindset through each week to recover, train well, improve on what’s given to you each day. I love it. Stay strong and keep gaining!



For Time:

1000m Row

50 Thrusters

30 Pull-ups


Power Snatch for Max 3



Come get your sticker, and your legs ready for 19.3!! Should be easy after 19.1 🙂

150 Wall Ball Shots for time!


GHD Warm-up, full series, pistol practice ~20 minutes, legless Rope Climb Practice ~15 minutes, strict pull-up or muscle up practice for the rest of class


19.3 – whatever it shall be 🙂

Saturday: remember there’s an asterisk here that says “subject to change” if 19.3 has ring dips, guess what we aren’t doing on Saturday: ring dips 🙂

Ring Dip for 3 rep max and all upper body accessories