THURSDAY; Max Effort Lower Body

Banded Sumo DL for Max

High Hang Power Clean for Max

Rest on Isometrics

Single Arm Allen Lift 5×15/side

Single Leg Glute Bridges 5×15/side


FRIDAY: Lower Body Accessories

45 Degree Hip Extensions 5×12

Walking Lunges Overhead 5×12/side

Reverse Hypers at the Angle 180lbs 4 sets

Ankle Weights Hamstring Curls on Cheesemat10 min

Hollow Rocks do 100

SATURDAY: Max Effort Upper Body Rest

Floor Press -Fat Bar (FB)  For Max

Low Incline Lightened 1″ Bench Press -Heavy 8, 5 sets of work at or near that weight

T-Bar 5×12

Pull-ups 5×5