Tuesday's Preparation

posted a day early for your happiness Workout for Tuesday March 1st: 1 Minute of Overhead Squats 135/95 30 Sec Rest 1 Minute of Muscle-Ups 30 Sec Rest Max Reps in 10 Minutes, 5 Rounds

Leap Year!!!

posted a day early because the gym is totally losing money today. We didn’t build this extra day into this years dues… yet another administration failing!!! Workout for Monday February 29th: Clean and Jerk for Max Triple, 3 in a row! These can totally be...

Saturday's Domination!

posted a day early because I might have to change it anyway depending on the Open. Love this season! Workout for Saturday February 27th: 1 Minute of Pull-ups/Toes to Bars/Knee to Elbows or any variety 1 Minute of Push Presses at 75/55 1 Minute of Hang Power Cleans...

Here we go!!!

posted a day early because it’s happening now! Workout for Friday February 26th: Open workout 16.1!! go to and check out what the workout is! It should be super hard, and yes we’ll be scaling and doing all that good stuff....

Thursdays Session

posted a day early because I’ve got my act together Workout for Thursday February 25th: Press 5×5 Work this up to around 80% of your best 1RM and then try to take 5 sets at this 80%. It’s pretty hard to do!