Wednesdays Big Day

posted a day early for your reverse-hypering Workout for Wednesday April 1st: no foolin’ Deadlifts Max 5’s! LIFT WEIGHTS. This is an opportunity to prove that you’re stronger than you’ve ever been before. Not just as a deadlifter, but as a...

Triumphant Tuesday!

posted a day early for your elation Workout for Tuesday March 31st: Hey guys, I’ll be home!! Yay! “Cindy” As Many Rounds in 20 Minutes as Possible of: 5 Pull-ups 10 Push-Ups 15 Air Squats

Massive Monday

posted a day early for your planning Workout for Monday March 30th: Happy Birthday Pam!! :40 Shuttle Run :20 Rest :40 Abmat Sit-ups :20 Rest :40 Single Under/Double Unders Repeat for 21 minutes of Tasty 🙂

Saturdays Session of Submission

posted a day early for your attendance Workout for Saturday March 28th: Team Workout! Depending on what the 15.5 leaves un-annihilated let’s make up some nasty team workout that’s fun and useful for the development of increased work capacity across broad...