posted a day early to help you not eat as much of your kids candy, Workout for November 1st: Alternate Rounds of “Holbrook” with a buddy, each do 7 rounds, 14 total. 5 Thrusters 115/75 10 Pull-ups 100m Run

Scary Halloween Workout!!

Not really, we train well and with smart, effective programming. No need to wrap our WOD creating into the Holiday schedule. Except for The Cornucopia. That’s just good variance and is part of the yearly plan. Carry on: posted a day early for your sanity,...

Almost Halloween!!

Remember Friday night, party at the gym, nerd gun war among other things!! 6:30pm start Posted the day of to prevent excessive planning, Workout for Thursday Oct. 30th! For Time Row 1200m Handstand Push-Up 21 reps Row 600m Handstand Push-Up 15 reps Row 600m Handstand...

Holy Wednesday

posted the day of for your lack of planning; Workout for Wednesday Oct. 29th -two days until Halloween and the Party!! 12-10-8-6-4-2 Power Clean 135/95 Parallette Push-up Box Jump 24/20″ Strict Pull-up

Website Mayhem

Sorry guys!! It’s truth, I’m not a true webmaster, or a master blogger. I merely debate 🙂 Here’s today’s training: Back Squat 20RM (yes, 20 reps!) Clean Pulls for a few good heavy singles L-Sit mayhem, around 7 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30...