Monday Sept 1st

Meat + Veggies: Overhead Squat 1RM 1 Set of Max Reps at Bodyweight or % Some Turkish Get-Up and GHD Sit-up Work Nuts & Seeds Some Fruit: Goodmornings 5×5 Glute Ham Raises 3xRM Little Starch & No Sugar: Sleds 3x Each F/B/S 3 plates men, 2 plates...

Friday August 29th

Meat & Veggies: Bench Press 1 RM 3 Negatives w/ little more weight 3xRM Incline DB Press Alt EMOM: C2B Pull-ups, Ring Rows Nuts & Seeds, Some Fruit: 3xRM HSPU 100 Banded Pull Aparts Little Starch & No Sugar: Reverse Hypers 3×12 GHD Sit-Ups...

Thursday August 28th

Alternating Every 3 minutes on the 3 minutes: Run 400m, Row 500m: for 24minutes The goal is for nearly a 1:1 work to rest ratio. Potentially scale back the distance to preserve about 1:30 of rest per 3 minute section. Booyah.

Wednesday August 27th

Meat & Veggies: Sumo DL Max Sled Work Lunge Mornings Nuts & Seeds Some Fruit: Reverse Hypers 3×12 Lateral Band Stepping 2x D+B Little Starch & No Sugar: Hanging Knee Raises 5xRM Ab Mat Crunches...

Tuesday August 26th

5 Min AMRAP: Ascending the ladder 1,2,3,4,5,… Push Press 135/95 Pull-Up 45/15 One of each, then two of each then three of each, and keep going until 5 minutes has elapsed.